Replication Data Collection Highlights Value in Diversity of Replication Attempts

DeSoto, K. A., & Schweinsberg, M. (2017). Replication data collection highlights value in diversity of replication attempts. Nature: Scientific Data, 4, 170028.


Researchers agree that replicability and reproducibility are key aspects of science. A collection of Data Descriptors published in Scientific Data presents data obtained in the process of attempting to replicate previously published research. These new replication data describe published and unpublished projects. The different papers in this collection highlight the many ways that scientific replications can be conducted, and they reveal the benefits and challenges of crucial replication research. The organizers of this collection encourage scientists to reuse the data contained in the collection for their own work, and also believe that these replication examples can serve as educational resources for students, early-career researchers, and experienced scientists alike who are interested in learning more about the process of replication.

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